Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Up and Running

Alrighty! My blog is finally up and running.  It may look a little scarce now, but in the coming days, I will hopefully have some useful information up.  If you couldn't tell from the description, this blog is about the World of Warcraft (which from now on I will refer to it as WoW).  But more specifically, about the Hunter class.  I will mainly be talking about about Player vs. Environment content (PvE) but I may at times mention Player vs. Player (PvP) news.

For today, I guess I'll talk about myself.  I am Oodama, or should I say, my hunter's name is Oodama.  I play on the PvE server "Eonar" on the U.S. realms.  Here is my Armory link:  I currently raid with the second best guild on the server by the name of Systemic.  I have been raiding since the beginning of the first WoW expansion "The Burning Crusade".  I fully cleared all BC content too.  When Wrath of the Lich King hit, back in my old guild, we achieved the server first Naxxramus clear, awarding me with my only server first raid achievement.  That guild shortly later fell apart and I went on to different guilds, and ended up clearing 25 man ulduar with some hard modes, cleared Trial of the Crusader on 25 man (also got "A Tribute to Insanity" in 10 man), and eventually got 11/12 heroic bosses down in Icecrown Citadel.

That basically wraps up my previous raiding experience.  Currently, me and my guild are 11/12 Cataclysm bosses down, with only Al'akir standing in between us and heroics.  I will tend to post my guild's progression as we kill more things just to let people know (I doubt anyone would care right away, in fact, if anyone even reads this first post, I would be astounded lol.) 

That's all for today (or until I decide to post more...)


  1. Woohoo first to comment. Oh eh ..oh a WoW blog. Jk Welcome. Looking forward to seeing more.

  2. Hey, another hunter :D

    following for more.

  3. What are those things attached to your shoulders? Are those gems? Cool armor btw

  4. I actually am following another WoW hunter's blog... it will be interesting to see whose blog is better in the end.

  5. Never played WoW. Gonna follow your blog and see what all the fuss is about.

  6. I used to play WoW but I haaaated PvE. I only played for the PvP and literally just wandered the lands looking for a flagged Alliance noooob, while I waited to queue for Battlgrounds of course (This was years ago, before Burnign Crusade. Thigns were different I guess.)
    I was a totally awesome Hunter, so I'll follow ya (: