Saturday, January 29, 2011

Managing Aspects

Hey guys, today I want to talk about managing your aspects.  Nowadays there are plenty of times where you need to switch aspects on the fly, such as the phase transitions against Argaloth or Atramedes where you would need to keep moving and have aspect of the fox goin'.  Even when you are just running back and want an easy way to put up aspect of the pack without having to keybind it or even have it use up slots in you UI.  If no one has noticed from my screenshots, I don't have aspects on my bars at all.  What I use, and what I suggest you guys use, is this addon called Opie.

What Opie does is allow you to make custom rings that you fill with your spells.  You key bind this ring so when you hold the key bind your ring pops up.  Then all you do is move your mouse in the direction of the spell and let go of the key bind and that said spell will be cast.  You should notice that inside the ring is a small circle with an arrow around it.  The arrow will be pointing the direction your mouse is and will glow the color of the skill (or if you made a custom ring, it will glow the color you set it to).

What makes this superior to normal keybinding is that you can attach a ton of skills to 1 button.  Once you get used to where each aspect is located on your ring, all you have to do is just press you key bind while having your mouse in the right direction to cast your aspect.  I personally bind my aspects ring to middle mouse click, so all I do is swing my mouse in the right direction and click middle mouse button for whichever aspect I want.
Mouse In Center of Screen
Mouse Pulled Up Towards Top of Screen
All The Different Custom Rings
My Misdirection Custom Ring
Another neat thing about Opie is that it comes with many preset rings.  They are all set to default key binds, but you can easily change them.  I personally only use the aspects ring, but I have made my own custom ring, which I put my misdirection macros into.  I have one for each of my 3 tanks I have in raids, and 1 for my cat.  Since you can even use macros on the rings, I have 4 /cast Misdirection macros with different [@"target"] names according to the tanks and my pet. I'm sure there are even more useful ways to use this addon.  If anyone thinks of a neat way to use the custom rings leave me a comment about it :D


  1. I had no idea this got so technical.

  2. great post following

  3. You know, I never got that hang of this. Thank you for sharing! :)

  4. It seems like a great addon to have.

  5. Remember the time when hunters had 4 aspects total? oh yeah

  6. Hunters are EZ mode, but now I'm afraid that, considering they're already so easy, that making them easier will make them better. :P

    ~Randall A.

  7. i've never played a hunter but this looks like some quality info. good post

  8. I've been wanting to try WoW for a long time, I think this pushed me over to actually buying it.

  9. Wow! great work! (hehehe, see what i did there?)