Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Helpful tricks for the raiding hunter.

Hey guys, sorry about the lack of posts, news is kinda dry nowadays since patch 4.0.6. hasn't hit yet, so today I've decided to share some useful tips and tricks for this tier of raiding that I have learned thus far.  I'll go through each boss individually and list as many things I can.

  1. Make sure to stand extra far back when DPSing his downed head, its hitbox is bigger than you would think
  2. Frost traps really help control the adds
  3. The hunter's mark that's on the boss is different than one on his head, so make sure to have marks on both
Omnitron Council:
  1.   If Magmatron targets you with the red beam o' death, just feign death and it will be gone.  He won't cast on you nor will he go to someone else.
  2. Make "/cast Cobra Shot /petattack" macros to make it easy to have your pet move to your current target.  It really helps to make sure your pet is attacking what you are.
  3. Using trap launcher to launch a frost trap under Toxitron's hand when he is dropping his little oozelings is pro.
  1. I honestly can't think of anything special hunters can do on this fight :(
  1. If you are being chased by the breath, you turn around and disengage to propel yourself forward, throw up aspect of the pack and then run.  If the fire still catches up with you, deterrence will save you from damage.  Hunters make great gong hitter because of how long they can kite the fire.
  2. Disengaging over fire that is in the way won't hurt you and you won't get any sound.
  3. Feigning death is a bad idea if being chased by breath because it may save you, but someone else won't be ready for it and will probably die.
  1. If at the end of the fight your tanks are dead and you have aggro, you can throw up deterrence and live a little longer to hopefully get the kill.
  1. Make sure to dismiss your pet when phase 2 starts or else he'll die in the lava.  Summon him back when you are up on the pillar and have him attack the mob there.
  2. Frost traps may seem like a good idea to slow down the skeletons that run around, but beware, if there is fire near and the skeletons are slowed down by the trap, the add tank won't be able to kite them away fast enough and the adds will get powered up.  Only slow the adds if you adds tank(s) die.
Halfus Wyrmbreaker:
  1. Misdirection followed by multi-shot is a great way to get the whelps to your tank.
Valiona and Theralion:
  1. If you get Engulfing Magic, just disengage away from the raid and continue DPSing, feign death if you are getting close to pulling aggro.
  2. Disengage is also a great way to get out of in front of Valiona when she does her breath attack.
Ascendant Council:
  1. Another fight where disengage is extremely useful for getting to the tornadoes and vortexes, but I prefer to save it for if I ever get lightning rod.  It is priority to get away from the raid if you get that debuff.  Disengage, turn around, throw up aspect of the cheetah, and run towards a far wall.
  1. Make a line of frost traps between where the big mobs are killed and the raid to slow all the slimes that come out.
Conclave of Wind
  1. Frost traps are helpful for rounding up the mobs on Anshal's platform.
  2. Use disengage to get to the wind jets if you aren't going to make it in time.
  1. If you are on the edge of the platform and you can't make it to the hole in the tornado wall, what you can do is just before the wall gets to you, jump off the ledge, then disengage back onto the platform on the other side of the wall.
  2. Master's call can help get across the ice on the ground easier.
  3. When phase 2 starts, make sure to call you pet back to you and have him attack the boss from where you move to just in case an add spawns in the back or if you need to use mend pet.
By all means, if you guys have any handy tips or tricks, leave me a comment and I'll put it up here.  But for now this is all I can think of.  (Oh also, my guild and I defeated Halfus Wyrmbreaker on heroic :D 1 down, 12 to go.)


  1. Maloriak: dropping frost traps near the stairs so that tank has an easier time kiting the adds.

  2. Additionally, if your raids having difficulty with the Abberations(Maybe more helpful on heroic than normal), precasting the Explosive trap 22/24 seconds prior to the Green phase allows you to see the 1st trap trigger then lay a 2nd instantly for additionally aoe dmg. Then resume multishotting. The Maloriak abberation frost trap that Catenatus is also very good. Finally, I always found on normal hunters make very good Flash Freeze breakers due to Careful Aim + Cobra shot almost always 1 shot critting them after they have been healed up(and since you will be able to ensure its not clipping an ExS or BA you wont really lose much dps)

  3. On Chimaeron you should also put pet growl ON. This may give your and raid an extra target for the boss to vent upon in the burn phase.

  4. You put a lot of effort into this. And nice organization, too. That is certainly well appreciated.

  5. Two thing a hunter can do on Maloriak, on 10 man anyway, which may just be common sense things are:

    1.) If your mages or priests are for any reason momentarily unable to dispel/spellsteal Remedy (shamans are usually on shear duty) you watch for it an tranquil shot it off quickly. Even having it active for a second is a huge heal to the boss.

    2.) and if somehow you have no Locks, Rogues, or DKs present (it can happen) to slow down the cast times of his Release Aberrations or nova spell, ye poor wee Sporebat pet (dont laugh) can be pretty good about helping interruptors do their thing easier with the cast slow spore cloud; and even moreso in 4.06 patch, since the effect and cooldown will be equal to corehounds.

  6. I posted the above two as well...

    And I admit I just started my hunter Dec 1st 2010 from scratch, never having played one before. I leveled him up, learned my stats and rotations well, got him heroic geared and now I raid in a pretty good 10man, nothing uber or anything; but I'm happily 356 purple.

    That's not bragging, just giving background in case my comments seem too, 'duh ever good hunter does that.' :-) because I'm still learning all the time a class
    everyone tells me is a cakewalk... And I feel it definitely has intricacies that have to be practiced and tackled slowly to learn.

    So enough about that.

    One thing I have recently started to focus on deference: when and why. I've grouped with quite a few hunters who never touch it.

    For me the best example I can give is when I will sometimes lose raid awareness and suddenly Valiona is staring at you; do I have time to run? Maybe not? Disengage; Is there enough room/ am blocked? For me I've found on those few times where you just happened to be where you should not, deterrence and then run or leap. Often having those 5secs to think with, or move out of fire zone saves me. I.e. Deference first wonder if you could've made it without after the boss goes down ;)

    One more thing that may be common sense really.

  7. I wish I knew about blogs like this back in the days of WoW.
    Thanks for sharing, I think I shall try put these into practice

  8. I am likely a long way off from raiding, but this post alone makes it worth following your blog. I love little specific tips and tricks like this. If you have any little tips and tricks for heroics as well that would be great.

  9. Wow! These are great
    Thanks for sharing :)